During 2018 I was blessed to have been able to take two Mission Trips to Honduras through Good Samaritan Baptist Missions. This provided several meals for over 10,000 people.  This could not have been done without the $10 food bags that were given to each family.  We were also able to help many individual local Pastors with evangelism during our time with them. It is my goal to go back to Honduras in July of 2019 to repeat the effort of feeding hungry families and helping local Pastors.  It will cost Nancy and I about $3,000 for the expenses of the airplane tickets and room and board at the Mission for a week.  Anything God gives us above this amount will go toward purchasing $10 food bags for hungry families. If you would like to share the Love of God with us you can donate through our PayPal on this website.  If any of you would like to go on this Mission Trip with us, you can contact me or Good Samaritan Baptist Missions.  
During those visits with the money you gave to me and to those with me, we were able to provide food bags to over 1,600 families.  Thanks to everyone for your generous contributions to this upcoming July 2019 mission trip. Thanks, Mark & Nancy Taylor