Good Samaritan Baptist Mission – Pastor Mark Taylor


Thanks to all those who support these Pastors and their ministries. Many people will be in Heaven because you have “Gone into all the World” with your donations.

“He That Hath Pity Upon The Poor Lends Unto The Lord; And That Which He Hath Given He Will Repay.”  This mission has 35 Feed The Hungry kitchens with more than 3,000 children eating a good hot meal everyday. Our kitchens are now a refuge for hungry children. Never is a child turned away if he is hungry. He is taught that Jesus loves them and He want them to have food to eat.  Take a Mission Trip to Honduras with me.  I have been going  to Honduras with Good Samaritan Baptist Missions since 2003.  It is a wonderful opportunity and the cost for everything is around $1,500.  You can contact the mission at (770) 459-4058.  Our groups visit some of the Good Samaritan Baptist churches and Feed the Hungry kitchens in several villages. You will also visit the Feed the Elderly kitchen (WHAT A BLESSING!) and the elementary and high schools. There are lots of opportunities to interact with the people! You also have the privilege of sponsoring a child or to meet your sponsored Opportunity child. You will stay at the Mission Center in San Marcos de Colon where there is a courtyard for fellowshipping, devotions and just relaxing in the evenings

Pastor Nelson Iglesias Hernandez – Danli, Honduras

Pastor Nelson Hernandez is praying to be able to build a church building where he is sitting for his congregation of 35 adults and 50 children.
Pastor Nelson Hernandez pastors a small church in Danli Honduras. He is one of the poorest Pastors in the area. He receives less than $100 a month from Good Samaritan Baptist Missions total to support his family and the needs of his church family. Pastor Nelson’s wife Jennifer and his6 year old son could use a one time financial gift or monthly support for his ministry. He had to walk everywhere he went to visit his church members and attend Church. The people in his church are very poor and cannot offer him a salary. With your financial gifts last November 2018, we were able to buy him this bicycle. He pastors about 20 adults and 35 children. His church owns a piece of land with a old building on it where he lives. If you would like to communicate with Pastor Nelson he cannot speak English but you can use Google Translate and send him an encouraging message at

Pastors in India

Pastor Francis, His wife Padma, His son Danny, and daughter Leorah.
This Pastor in India helps interior rural poor Pastors and their families. He teaches and empowers and equips young people to become faithful ministers and elders. He conducts Gospel meetings in open air meetings

Pastors in Africa

Stanley Mukhwana
Pastor Stanley pastor’s a church in Kenya, Africa. I have been sponsoring him since 2004. He has 61 members in his church and has three services a week. He goes to remote areas where the word of God has never reached and where many preachers do not want to go. He also ministers to 34 orphans.
Pastor Stanley’s Church members traveling to get fresh water
New water source provided by your financial gifts of love for these people. Now they can have clean water from Pastor Stanley’s home. Our Lord Jesus said: “I was thirsty and you gave me drink.” (Matthew 25:35)
Pastor Stanley feeding orphans a Christmas Meal